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TOGOHK works with a wide range of silicone materials to produce silicone molded prototypes. Often a customer is uncertain of which material they need for their application. The TOGOHK Engineering staff can help guide customers down a path to success utilizing years of experience and extensive knowledge.

Professional 1 TOGOHK is dedicated in silicone industry:silicone case,silicone tubes,silicone O-ring,silicone bracelet,silicone dinnerware and kinds of silicone proudcts with many-year experienced for design and manufacturing in China.
Focus 2 TOGOHK with the professional R & D design and manufacturing for silicone bracelet,silicone case,silicone seals,silicone dinnerware,silicone tube,as well as all kinds of silicone products as our focus.
Service 3 We strive to manufacture world- rate quality,and custom molding to meet our customer's needs, provide satisfying careers for all our employees,and to earn a fair return in order to allow continuous improvements.
Share 4 We would like to share with all latest industry knowledges and valuable information to our clients,anyhow,our customer could get a better-understanding of the silicone products and learn more about us -TOGOHK.

Recent Works

At TOGOHK, our vision is to put silicone technology to work for our customers. We manufacture, package, and supply a variety of silicone products. ----->>More Creative Design

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Cigarette Lighter of PC Phone cover
Cigarette Lighter of PC Phone skin