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Find Silicone Products manufacturers from China. Import quality Silicone Products supplied by experienced manufacturers.

Professional 1 TOGOHK is dedicated in silicone industry:silicone case,silicone tubes,silicone O-ring,silicone bracelet,silicone dinnerware and kinds of silicone proudcts with many-year experienced for design and manufacturing in China.
Focus 2 TOGOHK with the professional R & D design and manufacturing for silicone bracelet,silicone case,silicone seals,silicone dinnerware,silicone tube,as well as all kinds of silicone products as our focus.
Service 3 We strive to manufacture world- rate quality,and custom molding to meet our customer's needs, provide satisfying careers for all our employees,and to earn a fair return in order to allow continuous improvements.
Share 4 We would like to share with all latest industry knowledges and valuable information to our clients,anyhow,our customer could get a better-understanding of the silicone products and learn more about us -TOGOHK.

Recent Works

TOGOHK is an engineer technology company in Silicone Rubber products industry, we do your Custom silicone parts, more than 1000 varies of custom silicone products video demo. TOGOHK Video

Silicone rubber Coated Roll-Up Dish Rack
Silicone Dish Rack Draining Board
Silicone rubber Roll Up Dish Drying Rack