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Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve Manufacturers

TOGOHK Glass Bottle Silicone Sleeve Manufacturer and Supplier.
We are committed to producing high-quality Silicone water bottle Sleeve.15 years of silicone product custom design experience. If you choose us, we will be your best partner!

If you need to customize a glass bottle sleeve, these suggestions will definitely inspire you:
Reusable silicone sleeve, durable, lightweight, non-slip, soft, perfect replacement for single-use plastic and metal
Manufactured from food-grade silicone material that does not contain BPA.
Perfect for the gym, office, or even outdoors.
Let’s customize a silicone bottle sleeve of your own brand!

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Custom Bottle Silicone Sleeve

TOGOHK has helped customers to customize many styles of silicone bottles: silicone water bottle sleeve, baby bottle sleeve, beer bottle sleeve, if you are also looking for a manufacturer of silicone bottle sleeves, you can take a look at our introduction, I believe it will definitely benefit you.

Silicone Water Bottle Sleeve


The silicone water bottle sleeve protects your bottle from everyday wear and tear, bumps, and more.
Durable silicone material and thick silicone bottle sleeves help absorb shock and reduce damage.
Whether you’re on the way to the office, running, sports, or at home, the silicone case will protect your bottle!
Design a 1:1 perfect silicone bottle sleeve through 3D software, which fits perfectly with the bottle – TOGOHK has an independent mold workshop to help you quickly realize an ideal silicone bottle sleeve

Silicone Sleeve for Mason Jar


Would you like a snug silicone sleeve for your favorite mason jar?
Choose creative colors like brown, teal, mustard, and more.
Make a non-slip design for your mason jar with your unique graphic pattern that can be repeated on the sleeve for your branding and as a special non-slip design.
Designing the mason jar with your unique pattern will not fall and break due to the slick pot.
Food-grade silicone material, compatible with dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator.
Practical for any occasion, Start your design!

Glass Water Bottle With Silicone Sleeve

glass water bottle silicone sleeve-food grade silicone sleeve for maximum protection against glass bottle impacts.
On the hand, it is easy to grasp and also slip-resistant.
Perfect for travel, mountain climbing, outdoor sports, office, or gym!
Reusable carafe sleeve.
Free of Phthalates, PVC, Lead, and Cadmium.
As a reliable manufacturer, we always support our customers in their efforts to create a perfect product, and your satisfaction is our number one priority.
Please contact us if you have any ideas about designing a unique silicone carafe sleeve.

Baby Bottle Silicone Sleeve
Baby Bottle Silicone Sleeve

Baby Bottle Silicone sleeve – Made of 100% non-toxic food grade silicone, the baby bottle sleeve is designed with glass baby bottles.
The non-slip design helps the baby hold the hot and slippery glass bottle tightly, and provides heat insulation for the baby’s small hands for easy grip.
Protective Design – With a soft and extra-thick base, the durable silicone sleeve helps protect the glass bottle from bumps and breaks, preventing everyday wear and tear while absorbing shocks and drops.
Choose high-quality silicone material that is BPA-free and phthalate-free

Beer Bottle Silicone Sleeve
Beer Bottle Silicone Sleeve

A creative beer bottle silicone sleeve design
Great for hiding your beer in public.
The concept I gave you can be applied to any beer bottle.
He can disguise your beer can.
It looks like a drink can when you put it on top of the beer.
Easy To Use – Soft and doesn’t affect what you take to movies or parties.
The edges are not sharp for easy use and won’t scratch your lips and hands.
Fun Beer Sleeve – This is a great creative bottle sleeve that has given you a new idea.

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Custom Bottle Silicone Sleeve


We share with you countless creative silicone sleeve cases to give you more inspiration for the products you want.


It can be reused countless times to avoid unnecessary waste and reduce one-time pollution.


The silicone sleeve helps protect the glass bottle from bumps and breaks.


made of 100% non-toxic food grade silicone.
choose high-quality silicone material that is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

Custom Silicone Sleeve for Glass Bottle

TOGOHK Protective Silicone Sleeve for Water Bottles, our customized case 32 OZ Silicone Bottle Sleeves,1L Silicone Bottle Sleeves

Silicone bottle sleeves completely and effectively protect glass bottles to avoid glass bottle bumps
Suitable silicone bottle sleeves help you to get a good anti-slip, even if the glass bottle is smooth it does not affect the protection of the silicone cover.
The glass bottle sleeves reserve a space, you can effectively observe the capacity of the bottle.

Custom Silicone Sleeve for Glass Bottle
Silicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves manufacturers and supplier

Silicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves manufacturers and supplier

China Silicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves manufacturers and supply, Silicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves with high quality.

If you want to design a water bottle with unique Silicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves, you must consider the time marker, which can remind you to drink enough water every day to ensure you stay hydrated and healthy.
Choose silicone material to make silicone sleeves, which can have good slip resistance, durability, and no chemical smell. All materials are BPA-free.
A creative Silicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves for the gym, home, outdoors, camping, and dinner parties.

Custom Glass Baby Bottle Silicone Sleeve

TOGOHK is a company specializing in the production of glass baby bottle silicone sleeves, we can customize various types of glass baby bottle silicone sleeve according to your requirements.

Choose the latest glass baby bottle to design your unique glass baby bottle silicone sleeve
Material selection: safe and soft, the soft material can protect the glass baby bottle well even if the glass baby bottle falls from a height, the surface of the silicone sleeve will provide a good grip and tactile experience during the feeding process
Consider thermal insulation: Your baby’s skin is delicate, and if the bottle is too hot, it can make your baby uncomfortable. A silicone sleeve is designed on the baby bottle, which can play a good role in heat insulation and let the baby enjoy the process of breastfeeding.
Clearly visible scale: Many hole designs of different sizes can be considered. Through these holes, the feeding amount of the baby can be clearly adjusted according to the scale, and the feeding progress of the baby can be checked continuously without removing the silicone sleeve.
Glass baby bottle with silicone sleeve can be operated in boiling, a specialty of silicone material, temperature resistance -20 to 230°C

Custom Glass Baby Bottle Silicone Sleeve
custom insulator baby bottle silicone sleeve

custom insulator baby bottle silicone sleeve

custom insulator baby bottle sleeve Brilliant colors and patterns, a choice of personalized designs to enhance your marketing and branding.

The insulator baby bottle silicone sleeve does not generate harmful gas even when heated in a microwave oven. Silicone resin is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.
Why choose a custom baby bottle silicone sleeve: The insulator baby bottle sleeve can protect your glass bottles, making them more resistant to drops in everyday life and preventing the bottle from breaking.
Every part of the baby bottle silicone sleeve is reusable and doesn’t have to go into the junkyard. Thereby reducing the amount of waste that may be generated.

Beer Bottle Silicone Sleeve Manufacturers

beer bottle silicone sleeve manufacturers and suppliers, we are a manufacturer engaged in manufacturing high-quality bottle silicone sleeves.

Have you ever thought about designing a creative silicone bottle for your cold beer, wine, and beverage bottles . Silicone has good insulation to keep your drinks cold while keeping hands warm and dry
Indoor gatherings and outdoor activities: camping, fishing, BBQ, pool, or parties. Easy to put on and take off, keeping beer cooler and lasting longer.
If you want to customize a beer bottle silicone sleeve product, please contact us now and we will help.


Silicone Rubber Material Certification - TOGOHK Silicone Sleeve Manufacturers

Bottle Silicone Sleeve Manufacturers

Bottle Silicone Sleeve Manufacturers-TOGOHK

If you are still worried about designing a perfect protective sleeve for your bottle, TOGOHK is a professional silicone product manufacturer, you can contact us, tell us your ideas, and we will give you suggestions, we have helped customers design a lot of creative silicone bottle sleeve

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