Custom Chocolate Molds By TOGOHK, the well-known silicone mold manufacturer, has recently announced custom silicone molds are available. Silicone Chocolate molds can be made according to customers’ requirements.

round silicone chocolate mold-2chocolate bar molds-2

TOGOHK is a pioneer in the silicone application industry. The company aims to expand the global market and insists on producing high-quality items and offering perfect customer service.

The CEO of the company says, “People now can order custom chocolate molds at our website.  We have many frequent callers, who like our products very much.”

Here are some of our popular chocolate mold designs if you like.

silicone chocolate molds

“We are now happy to launch the promotion to meet the various demands of customers from different parts of the world.” He adds, “We pay much attention to product quality and customer service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to help you.”

chocolate bar molds

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