Custom Silicone Bracelet Manufacturers in China

TOGOHK offers personalized silicone bracelets and rubber wristbands. With extensive experience in various processing techniques for silicone bracelet production, we operate a professional silicone wristband manufacturing workshop in Shenzhen, China.

  • Debossed and embossed bracelet molds
  • Color printing, ink injected, and silk screen techniques
  • Custom text, logos, and sizes
  • Solid color, two-color bracelets, tri-color, and mixed colors

TOGOHK Custom Made Silicone Bracelets

Silicone wristbands are one of the best choices in the bracelet field. These wristbands are soft, stable in quality, and reusable, featuring durability, color variety, and style compatibility. Our personalized wristbands can be supplied in large quantities, making them perfect for any event, fundraising activity, or promotional campaign.

TOGOHK offers the highest quality silicone bracelets for you to choose from. We have numerous text samples and custom designs available, including blank silicone bracelets, embossed silicone bracelets, and printed silicone wristbands. You are sure to find the silicone wristbands that meet your project needs. Contact us now for better offers!

Blank Silicone Bracelets
Blank Silicone Bracelets
Bisexual Silicone Bracelet
Bisexual Silicone Bracelet
Army Silicone Bracelets
Army Silicone Bracelets
Air Force Silicone Bracelet
Air Force Silicone Bracelet
1 Inch Silicone Bracelets
1 Inch Silicone Bracelets
1/4 Inch Silicone Bracelets
1/4 Inch Silicone Bracelets
Women'S Silicone Bracelets
Women'S Silicone Bracelets
Silicone Ball Bracelets
Silicone Ball Bracelets
RFID Silicone Bracelet
RFID Silicone Bracelet
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Advantages of TOGOHK Silicone Bracelets


Supports any personalized text and pattern customization.


Choose from hundreds of Pantone colors with freedom.


Made from food-grade silicone materials for peace of mind.


Suitable for the elderly, children, and teenagers.

Beaded Silicone Bracelets Manufacturer

TOGOHK beaded silicone bracelets manufacturer. Types include rubber bands, wrist ID bracelets, school rewards, and recognition bracelets.

stylish silicone bead bracelet, perfect for fundraisers, party favors, birthday parties, events, giveaways, and prizes! These bracelets are made of high-quality silicone material and can be reused.

beaded silicone bracelets manufacturer
custom silicone medical alert bracelets

Custom Silicone Medical Alert Bracelets

custom silicone medical alert bracelets in China, The custom medical silicone id bracelet is made of food grade high tensile silicone material which is very durable and can be custom manufactured to your design.

Silicone rubber material: soft, very comfortable to wear.
Completely waterproof and can wear him for: running, climbing, swimming, etc.
A durable, low-cost alternative to regular medical silicone id bracelets.

Black Silicone Bracelet Manufacturer

Find the proper silicone wristband here at TOGOHK, custom silicone wristbands in various colors, black silicone bracelet manufacturer.

Silicone wristbands are suitable for all ages in five different sizes.
It can be customized to print inspirational text content in different colors.
Low-cost, high-efficiency promotion, promotional gifts.
Silicone bracelet is used in schools, and supermarkets and can be used as gifts, souvenirs, and publicity, and is a famous fashion gift.

black silicone bracelet manufacturer
custom silicone key ring bracelet

Custom Silicone Key Ring Bracelet

custom silicone key ring bracelet is a fantastic way to promote your brand. Use gifts to let more people know about your brand.
There are many kinds of customized silicone key ring bracelets. Many Amazon merchants custom design silicone key ring bracelets as gifts to promote their brand
Our silicone key rings are designed with a quick slip on your arm in mind first! It’s soft enough to fit easily on the wrist, and the soft design ensures that your nails won’t break during use.
All silicone keychain bracelet made by TOGOHK is made of food-grade silicone material. They are comfortable, soft, and absolutely safe even for sensitive skin.
The simple silicone keychain bracelet design can easily secure car keys and house keys and easily fit into any purse, backpack, or travel bag. Perfect for those on the go and never worry about losing keys.

Custom Silicone Pearl Bracelet

Customize a silicone pearl bracelet or DIY your own wristband bracelet by TOGOHK, we are a silicone rubber pearl bracelet factory with 20 years of experience in manufacturing silicone products

100% food grade silicone material, no lead, and nickel, no harmful substance, no fading, silicone material is soft and will not hurt the skin or clothes. Wearing the bracelet will bring energy to people, which is beneficial to the body’s circulation.

custom silicone pearl bracelet
customize silicone teething bracelet manufacturer

Customize Silicone Teething Bracelet Manufacturer

silicone teething bracelet is made of food-grade silicone material
You can also customize silicone teething bracelets with patterns and logos!

To design a baby’s favorite toy, we need to consider the stroller, and car seat, which is soft enough to chew, twist and reshape, and keep the toy not easily dropped on the ground. A child-chewing silicone bracelet is worth your research and thinking
The silicone material ultimately realizes the above special requirements, the material does not contain BPA, phthalates, lead or cadmium, you are free to use your imagination, to create a new design, and TOGOHK can help you realize your idea

TOGOHK - Custom Logo Silicone Bracelet Manufacturers

TOGOHK Factory-1

Engraving your logo on custom silicone bracelets can enhance your brand awareness. Whatever your brand needs, TOGOHK can provide the best manufacturing solution for your wristbands. Here are three main options:

Mold Engraving: CNC process your logo into a recessed or raised design on the original mold surface. This mold exclusively belongs to your company and cannot be used by others.

Screen Printing: A very common printing technique where ink is applied through a screen onto the bracelet’s surface by manual printing. It is then heated or dried to ensure long-lasting adhesion.

IMD Heat Transfer Printing: The most advanced full-color printing method available, turning your bracelet into a work of art. Using PET film, multiple layers of ink are printed onto the plastic film through a special process and then transferred onto the custom silicone bracelets. This method has no limitations on colors, allowing for any gradient and colorful patterns.

Attentive Service

TOGOHK will meticulously handle every detail, striving to impress you with the most innovative ideas. We aim to spread positivity and encourage everyone around you, helping your custom silicone bracelets drive business growth for your company. Wearing these bracelets will enhance your customers’ appeal, showcase their attitude, inspire them, and keep everyone feeling positive all day long.

Applications of Silicone Bracelets

TOGOHK Silicone Bracelets offer highly practical lifestyle accessories. They are perfect for:

  • Supporter events
  • Promotional gifts
  • Fundraising activities
  • Corporate branding
  • Religious and faith events, and more.

Why Choose TOGOHK Silicone Bracelets

Make Your Own Silicone Wristbands
Make Your Own Silicone Wristbands

TOGOHK can customize wristbands based on your provided specifications, including:

  • Custom text
  • Wristband size
  • Font and color
  • Custom width
Silicone Bracelet Size Chart
Silicone Bracelet Size Chart

Our bracelets are suitable for all age groups, with commonly used sizes including:

  • X-Small: 1.9″ (48x12x2mm)
  • Small: 2.2″ (56x12x2mm)
  • Medium: 2.4″ (60x12x2mm)
  • Large: 2.55″ (65x12x2mm)
  • X-Large: 2.75″ (70x12x2mm)
Safe and Durable
Safe and Durable

Our Silicone Bracelets are highly durable, made from safe and reliable silicone materials.

  • Free from BPA
  • High tear resistance, not easily broken by stretching
  • Can be worn repeatedly for long periods
  • Non-allergenic when in contact with the skin
Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning and Maintenance

Here are some important tips to keep in mind while using TOGOHK Silicone Bracelets:

  • Clean with soap, hand sanitizer, or body wash as needed.
  • Avoid rubbing against hard or rough surfaces, as this may damage the surface.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Printed Silicone Wristband
Trusted Custom Silicone Bracelet Manufacturers

TOGOHK has years of experience in manufacturing Custom Silicone Bracelets. We guarantee high quality, low MOQ, fast delivery, and very affordable wristbands.

Silicone Rubber Bracelet Material Certification

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