Silicone cup products are made of 100% food-grade silicone material,
TOGOHK has more than 15 years of experience in silicone product manufacturing.
There are many types of our customized silicone cups: silicone straw cup, silicone measuring cup, silicone snack cup, silicone baby cup, silicone pint glass


How to Make Silicone Cups - Custom Silicone Cup

If you want to customize a unique silicone cup, choose TOGOHK to help you realize it immediately, as long as you tell us your idea, our engineers will design a 3D artwork according to your idea for you to confirm, if you are satisfied, we will Arrange the sample mold immediately, and a perfect sample can be realized in 5-10 days

If you have more ideas for the designed silicone cup samples, our engineers will assist you to continue to improve new samples to your satisfaction.

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customized Silicone cup

Customize a unique silicone cup and let TOGOHK help you achieve it!
Customized silicone cups, any brilliant color, and pattern can be realized. Unbreakable silicone cups are very soft and flexible. Silicone cups are easy to carry and ideal for use in family, kids, camping, or other outdoor activities.
At present, the silicone cup has covered all areas of life: camping, Glamping, barbecue, picnic, poolside, beach, hiking, biking, and outdoor life! With the unique performance of the silicone material, the silicone cup will not be broken.
If you have an idea! We help you realize it!

silicone snack cup
silicone sippy cup
silicone pint glass
silicone measuring cup
silicone baby cup
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The earth produces too much garbage every year.
Partner with TOGOHK to create new products without waste!


Silicone cups can withstand high and low temperatures, and -30 to 220 ° C will not crack, or fade. The material is soft and won’t break


children, kitchen, furniture
Outdoors (Hiking, Cycling, Picnic, Pool, BBQ, Party)Wait, silicone cups can be used anywhere.


We choose 100% food-grade silicone material, using a platinum process

Custom Silicone Straw Cup

custom silicone straw cups, the silicone straw cups with your logo printed on them bends at will.

The silicone straw cup is made of 100% food-grade silicone with a removable lid and a soft straw for babies and toddlers. Build simple motor skills and train toddlers to transition from bottle to cup.

Custom Silicone Straw Cup
Custom silicone measuring cups manufacturer

Custom silicone measuring cups manufacturer

Custom Silicone Measuring Cup The measuring cup has clear indicators and is easy to read. Accurately measure liquids without error. TOGOHK silicone measuring cups manufacturer

Silicone Measuring Cup is made of flexible and durable silicone, BPA-free, smooth and non-stick, eco-friendly, and compatible with various chemicals
Each Silicone Measuring Cup can be customized with different scales, which is more convenient and accurate during use.
The Silicone Measuring Cup is translucent and can be easily read from the surface of the cup.
The triangular drainage design of the cup mouth makes the liquid not leak glue when pouring out, which is more convenient and accurate.
Silicone Measuring Cup is suitable for laboratories, educational presentations, epoxy resin mixing, glues, chemical liquids, paints, and inks, and is also widely used in our daily life such as kitchen and cosmetic ingredients for precise measurement.

Custom Silicone Snack Cup

TOGOHK customized silicone snack cups, custom designed ultra-light, easy to use, convenient and portable, together to create children’s most popular silicone snack cups.

Have you ever thought of custom design silicon snack cup for kids, easy for little hands to hold and prevent your baby from moving around at home or in the car. Snack cups are also a must-have when kids are out and about. Silicone material does not contain bisphenol A, no chemical substances, choose silicone material to create and design a brand new silicone snack cup, TOGOHK has a complete team, from design to manufacture, with one-stop service, work with us.

Custom Silicone Snack Cup
Custom Silicone Baby Cup

Custom Silicone Baby Cup

China customized silicone baby cup factory. Custom-made silicone cups for children with their own brand logo

Customize the perfect design silicone baby cup, a silicone cup for baby to practice independently.
Design a toddler cup for babies to use their growing assisted motor skills to master self-feeding
Silicone material protects your baby’s gums well – the baby cup is made of soft silicone to ensure your child learns to drink from an open cup and the silicone baby cup won’t hurt their developing gums.
Material Source Safe – We guarantee our silicone material is BPA and plastic free.

Custom Silicone Pint Glass

The custom-printed silicone pint glass is almost unbreakable, customize a one-of-a-kind silicone pint glass, choose a creative pattern, and start your business. Everyone is used in bars and restaurants.

The silicone pint glass is a sturdy and lightweight mug that is an alternative to beer mugs.
Brilliantly colored, unbreakable silicone pint glass can be made, and the silicone cup is soft and flexible.
Each portable mug is designed to be a stylish, fun way to have your water, cold beer, or tea with you throughout your day, the best option for when you’re off work or relaxing on the weekends.
100% Safe Food Grade Silicone: Silicone products are safe and durable!
Partner with TOGOHK to create a waste-free lifestyle!

Custom Silicone Pint Glass


 Silicone Baby Cup

When I was worried about designing a cup for the baby, TOGOHK just appeared, and we gave some ideas to their engineers:
Silicone baby cup concept: small hand design, the material does not contain BPA, plastic material cannot be used, the material must be soft and flexible, a substitute for disposable or fragile tableware, and also protect and help children’s teeth development.
They quickly gave us a complete scheme and reference design drawings. It took only 20 days for the whole product discussion to the sample, and a brand new silicone baby cup sample was displayed in front of my eyes, which amazes me, their speed is too fast, they are a trusted company.

Silicone Pint Glass

TOGOHK helped us customize a fun Silicone Pint Glass! The engineer suggested that we mimic the shape of the glass we already knew, using a lot of color mixes to make the glass look colorful, and it made my eyes shine. TOGOHK’s engineers are very experienced and gave us a lot of advice, very pleasant and easy cooperation!

Silicone Measuring Cup

We have been cooperating with TOGOHK for almost 10 years, and every time they can complete the products we need according to our requirements, I am most impressed that they need their engineers to help us develop a Silicone Measuring Cup.
We give some design suggestions:
100ML – 250ML – 500ML
Smooth interior, cups pour out liquids easily
Soon their engineers gave me the overall design plan:
Material – Silicone material, temperature resistance -20 to 230 degrees, the mold is mirror polished, the inside of the cup should be smooth, the cup is compatible with various chemical liquids: paint, glue, epoxy resin, alcohol, syrup, etc.
Angled spout design – makes pouring easier and more accurate, prevents liquid from remaining on the cup, and keeps the cup mouth clean.
Silicone Measuring Cup is translucent – the liquid inside can be seen, and the marking calibration (ml/oz) on the outside of the cup allows for more accurate measurements.


Silicone Rubber Material Certification - TOGOHK Silicone Cup Manufacturers

Customize Your Silicone Cup

If you want to customize a silicone cup product, TOGOHK will definitely help you achieve it. We have been in the silicone industry for more than 15 years, and our team has rich experience in the silicone industry. If you are willing, you can discuss your ideas with us.Customize Your Silicone Cup


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