Custom Swim Cap Manufacturers in China

Custom swim cap for TOGOHK, custom swimming cap, silicone swim cap for women men, durable non-slip waterproof hat protect ears, long hair for adults, older kids, TOGOHK is a professional silicone swimming hat manufacturer in china

  • Swimming cap material: made of high elastic silicone swimming cap material, odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, etc.
  • swimming cap color: support customized colors and the experience of heat transfer.
  • Swimming cap manufacturing: workers with more than ten years of production line experience, will quickly enter into mass production.

Best Swim Cap To Keep Hair Dry - TOGOHK Swim Cap Manufacturers

Wearing a swim (or swimming) cap has various advantages, such as swim caps with the function of Protection, It protects your hair and ears and makes your swimming more enjoyable. Swim cap for both recreational and competitive events from regular swimming to synchronized swimming, water polo, etc. From the point of view of the pool owner, it also helps to keep your hair out of the pool filters. 

TOGOHK’s custom swimming cap has a durable and elastic surface that provides a comfortable feeling. Anti-slip design and easy to take on/off.

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Customize Swimming Caps with your logo or text.
💦 Silicone Rubber swim caps
🏊‍ High-quality silicone material
💦 can customize any shape and pattern for quick delivery
🏊 We have 2000 square meters of factory buildings and we
are a professional manufacturer of silicone rubber products

custom swimming cap -TOGOHK

TOGOHK Swim Caps custom swim caps for your swimmers, club, or swim team. You can customize your caps with your logo, design, and swimmer’s name.

custom swim cap for long hair -TOGOHK

custom swim cap for long hair: has enough room to fit any bulky hairstyle or curly hair. Designed for Braids, dreadlocks, Crochet Mambo, Extensions, Weave on, Very long hair, Afro hair. let your hair sit comfortably.

waterproof swim cap -TOGOHK

The waterproof swim cap is designed with a special ear pocket to better prevent water from entering your ear, ensuring your optimal swimming experience.

swimming cap speedo -TOGOHK
Swimming Cap Speedo

swimming cap speedo: There are various colors to suit most people’s choices. to meet your various matching requirements

silicone swimming hat -TOGOHK
Silicone Swimming Hat

silicone swimming hat’s concise generous design fits both men and women. Various fashion solid colors to suit most people’s choices, enjoy a happy swimming time.

swimming cap for adults -TOGOHK
Swimming Cap For Adults

Swimming Cap For Adults: Soft, durable silicone for long-lasting wear, Interior textured surface keeps cap in place, Snug fit for optimum performance

custom baby swim cap -TOGOHK
Custom Baby Swim Cap

Custom Baby Swim Cap Design. The baby won’t feel too tight and the caps won’t get loose easily. These cartoon fish swim caps will provide a wonderful wearing experience for children.

custom kids swim caps -TOGOHK
Custom Kids Swim Caps

Custom Kids Swim Caps: Our unique design allows you to quickly find your child at the beach, or pool, The cute cartoon patterns are also loved by The little ones.

custom womens swim caps -TOGOHK
Custom Womens Swim Caps

Custom Women’s Swim Caps with Your Photo Personalized Silicone Swim Cap for Women Swimming, Flexible Adult Swimmers Cap for Short and Medium Length Hair

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To be unique in the swimming pool by designing different patterns.


Premium silicone swim caps for ultimate stretch and durability, non-toxic no odd smell, no deformation, quick dry, and wrinkle-free.


Swimming caps with superb elasticity can be stretched to fit snugly.


The best feature of the swim cap is to reduce water from entering, protecting your hair and ear from bacteria, and chloride.

Customize Silicone Swimming Cap

Customize your silicone swimming cap with your club, school, company name, and logo, for training, competition, or special event … High-quality custom swim caps are delivered in 8 – 10 days.

If you have a great idea, you can contact us immediately

Customize Silicone Swimming Cap -TOGOHK
Silicone Swimming Cap Manufacturer -TOGOHK-

Silicone Swimming Cap Manufacturer

TOGOHK silicone swimming cap manufacturer, can use the printing process to manufacture your personality pattern, and also can use the thermal transfer printing scheme to produce your pattern, if you have a very creative design, you can give us information, and our engineers will give you a perfect solution.

3D Ergonomic Design Silicone Swimming Caps for Women Kids Men Adults Boys Girls.

Kids Swim Caps

Available for girls and boys, fit for most kids and teenagers with short or long hair. suitable for children at 3-12 years old. The kids can enjoy amazing swimming time with the stylish mixed-color swim caps!

Swimming Cap For Long Hair -TOGOHK
Swimming Cap For Long Hair

Created with great elasticity and large room, the silicone swim cap is flexible enough to fit most size heads including men, women, and adults with short or long hair. It can accommodate and protect your hair from chlorine, and salt water, keeping your hair lock secure and tangle-free when swimming!

men's swimming caps -TOGOHK
men's swimming caps

Men’s swimming caps have the characteristics of strong toughness and high elasticity. It can be torn vigorously without being damaged and quickly restored to its original state. The streamlined design can reduce water resistance when swimming, and you can enjoy swimming to the fullest.

Swimming Cap Manufacturers in China
Swimming Cap Manufacturers in China

TOGOHK is a swim caps manufacturer supplier in China. Our factory can custom-made swim caps, swim caps for long hair. Fast delivery.Factory price.

In-Die Thermal Printing Process

Custom Durable Flexible Silicone Swimming Hats
What's software do you support?

Format:.igs/ .step/ .obj/ .stl/ .dxf/ .dwg/ .ai

What's the lead time for the samples in development stage?

The normal design takes seven working days, and sometimes the designs need to be evaluated based on complicated or simple.

How should we do without a design drawing?

You can offer the actual samples or a conception, we can design for you and custom for what you want.

Which incoterm is available?

Incoterm:FOB,CIF,EXW,CIP,FCA,CPT,DDP,DDU,Express service delivery.

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