Food Grade Silicone Cake Molds Available For Bakery Industry

TOGOHK International Limited offers 100% silicone food-grade and FDA-approved cake molds and chocolate molds for making a variety of cakes and chocolates.

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Shenzhen, China, – With their 100% food-grade cake molds and chocolate molds, TOGOHK is going to revolutionize the bakery and chocolate-making industry. These silicone molds have several advanced features in comparison to traditional molds and are FDA, LFGB approved for making food products.


According to the spokesperson of the company, the silicone cake molds are oven safe and can be used for making a variety of cakes. There is no need for oiling or greasing of pans while using these cake molds and it also makes it easier to clean them very quickly. The molds are dishwasher friendly and one can thoroughly wash them to remove any residue of the batter. The silicone mold is also safe to be used in freezers and refrigerators, and it allows a flexible way of preserving the batter to be used in making cakes. The molds can be used for baking at an extreme temperature range between -40 degrees and 230 degrees Celsius, and there is no need to alter the batter for baking at different temperatures.

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The company also specializes in silicone chocolate molds that are made of 100% silicone. The 15-piece chocolate mold is environment-friendly and low-carbon mold that can easily be recycled. According to the spokesperson, it is a simple and practical chocolate-making mold that keeps in mind the health standards of consumable foods for humans. The mold features high strength and flexibility and is free from corrosion. The molds are durable and show high resistance against damage or cracking.

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TOGOHK produces silicone molds that are non-toxic and odorless for maintaining the quality standards of food products. Moreover, the molds can be processed in an extreme temperature range and are perfect for uniform heating that ensures perfect baking. All molds are easy to handle and one can easily produce a variety of food products using these molds made of 100% silicone. Perfect for human health, these molds show an enhanced anti-bacterial properties. To know more about the molds and their features, one can visit the website

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About TOGOHK International Limited


TOGOHK is a professional company with high-technology engineering capabilities and is dedicated to developing silicone rubber products for different industries. The company has developed into a modern enterprise that is providing full-service from conception to delivery of a wide range of silicone products. They also specialize in producing customized silicone parts to be used in a variety of products.

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