how to make a silicone bracelet

how to make a silicone bracelet:
silicone bracelet of the production process
silicone bracelet high-temperature sulfur rubber is the main raw material by molding vulcanization molding process and production comes out silicon rubber products.

black silicone bracelet

silicone bracelet
silicone bracelet the following procedure is required to pass through:
1. The draft design
Plane design and discussed 3D draft output

2. Mold design and manufacturing
3D draft input-CNC programming output-mold manufacturing

3. Raw material makes up (also called tried to get the gum, etc) :
Including the raw rubber mixed refined, color match colors, raw material the weight computation, etc

4. Vulcanization molding (also called oil pressure molding) :
Using high-pressure curing equipment after high-temperature vulcanization, make the silicone bracelet raw materials into solid forming

5. Burr (also called processing, to flash, etc) :
From the mold of the silicone bracelet products will be joint some useless flash, and hole crumbs, will need to be removed; At present, in the industry, completely by the process is done by hand, and some factories and useful punches are completed.

6. Silkscreen:
The process with only some in the surface of the silicone bracelet has a pattern of the silicone bracelet products, such as black phone silicone bracelet, for the user to operate buttons, often need to be in the position of the corresponding with the corresponding cell phone screen printing keyboard characters.

7. Surface treatment:
Surface treatment including the use of air gun dust removal;

8. Injection:
silicone bracelet products in ordinary state is easy to absorb dust in the air, and has certain viscosity. In the surface of silicone bracelet spray a thin layer of oil feel, and can not only prevent dirt and can cause the feel is guaranteed.

silicone sports wristbands




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