How to make the Custom Silicone Parts

I will recommend you four choices to make different kinds of custom silicone parts;

1> Solid silicone molding process
2> Silicone extrusion molding process
3> Liquid silicone injection process
4> Special material in customization

Custom Silicone Parts

★ Solid silicone molding process
The molded silicone rubber material is put into the high-temperature mold with the addition of a silicone rubber vulcanizing agent (225 or 224) and the pressure is exerted on the flat vulcanizing machine platform.

High-temperature vulcanization molding, mold pressure silicone hardness is usually at (shore hardness) 10-80A.

The material is mixed with color paste (color master) to adjust the color according to the Pantone color number. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the molded silicone rubber products.

The silicon rubber industry has also adopted polychromatic, double color, and different hardness to enrich products.

★ Molding process of silicone rubber extruded
The extruded silicone products are usually formed by an extrusion machine, which can be used for 224 vulcanized solid silicone rubber or platinum vulcanizing agent to catalyze the production and processing of solid silicone.

The extruded way is used for the coffee machine pipe, drinking machine pipe, aquarium industry, LED lamp bar industry etc, Silicon rubber is usually extruded in long strips.

As long as the Silicone tubing can be cut as well, the shape of the extruded silica gel is limited, which is widely used in medical equipment and food machinery.

★ Liquid silicone rubber molding processing
Liquid silicone rubber products are molded by injection of silicone rubber. The product is soft and hard (Shashi hardness) 10-40a. Due to their soft characteristics, and, silicone rubber throat cover, silicone rubber mask is more popular.

Diving glasses (masks), mobile phone cases, medical silicone rubber chest pads, and others are widely used.

★ Others (special material forming process)
Special silicone rubber products are based on the chemical properties of silicone rubber or the addition of some auxiliary materials. Special silicone rubber products can also have high-temperature resistance (up to 330 degrees) and food grade

(fully in line with FDA, LFGB standard), medical grade, flame retardant grade, and by adding auxiliary materials, it can also have such characteristics as a night light, negative ion, color change, etc.

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