Your Air Fryer Mat: Parchment Paper vs. Silicone Mats – Which Should You Use?

When cooking chicken wings, french fries, and turkey in your air fryer at home, you often find yourself deciding between parchment paper and silicone mat. Which Should You Use? Let’s take a look together:

Parchment Paper vs. Silicone Mats

Parchment Paper vs. Silicone Mats



Parchment Paper: Parchment paper is made from various types of wood, primarily sourced from wood and bamboo. These materials undergo thorough processing in paper mills to create food-grade paper suitable for contact with food. During the paper manufacturing process, a non-stick coating is often applied to enhance its non-stick properties during baking.

Silicone Mat for Air Fryer: When you use our silicone mats, you’re benefiting from 100% food-grade silica gel raw material. This material is BPA-free, ensuring safety. The silicone mats are non-stick, washable, and reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice. They have no odor and won’t adhere to food.

The silicone mats boast a maximum temperature resistance of 460°F, and even at high temperatures, they won’t emit harmful gases that could affect the taste of your food. Rest assured, our products have passed FDA testing.

As you continue to use the silicone pads, you’ll find them increasingly cost-effective, saving you unnecessary expenses in the long run.



Cooking Results

Parchment Paper: When you’re dealing with parchment paper, it usually comes in round, square, or full rolls. Adjusting it to fit your air fryer or oven size requires manual cutting, which can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

Silicone Mat for Air Fryer: When customizing your silicone mat, you have the option to design a raised line or incorporate your logo on the bottom. This raised design enhances the heat circulation during the baking process, ensuring thorough cooking and even distribution of heat. Additionally, it allows excess fat to drain from the food, enhancing both the taste and healthiness of your meals. In the design phase, considerations can be made for compatibility with air fryers, microwave ovens, and regular ovens, and the mats can be crafted in various sizes to suit different appliances.

Cooking Results


Parchment Paper: Can only be used once, has a coated surface, and tends to burn and smoke at high temperatures. When purchasing, pay attention to buying food-grade quality.

Silicone Mat for Air Fryer: With our 100% food-grade silicone air fryer inner bowl, you experience a non-stick, fade-resistant, thick, and durable solution that withstands high temperatures without burning. This ensures your air fryer stays clean and hygienic, eliminating the problem of food sticking to the shelf. The operation is incredibly simple – just line the air fryer.

These silicone air fryer accessories are soft, flexible, and non-stick, making it easy to pour out food scraps and dirt. Simply turn them over and wash with warm water. No more hassle with cleaning air fryer baskets; your air fryer remains free of food debris, grease, and dirt, extending its life. And the best part – it’s dishwasher-free, saving you the trouble of handwashing. Bid farewell to sticky and burnt residue and embrace a healthier lifestyle!


Parchment Paper: Suitable for simple frying pans and oven-cooked food. Note: The ignition point of parchment paper should not exceed 200°C. Exceeding this temperature may cause the parchment paper to burn and emit smoke, affecting the taste and safety of the food.

Silicone Mat for Air Fryer: Ideal for baking or frying a variety of delicious foods such as fish, chicken wings, onion rings, bacon, egg tarts, chips, and cakes. You can customize and design silicone mats to match the sizes of various toasters, air fryers, and microwaves. This versatile accessory is not only suitable for family gatherings but also an ideal choice for camping, outdoor baking, and various gatherings.



Parchment Paper: It is a disposable item, used once and discarded. Moreover, it has a coated surface, and at high temperatures, it may emit smoke, producing harmful gases.

Silicone Mat for Air Fryer: Utilizing the latest eco-friendly materials, this food-grade silicone mat is reusable and allows for personalized designs with creative shapes. It offers versatility and, although the initial cost is higher than Parchment Paper, the Silicone Mat for Air Fryer proves more advantageous in the long run due to its extended reusability.

TOGOHK is a professional silicone product manufacturing company. We can customize any design for your silicone mats for air fryers. If you have any requirements, feel free to contact us.

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