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Quick Turn Prototypes Silicone Products - TOGOHK
  • TOGOHK – Silicone Products
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  • TOGOHK – Silicone Products
  • mould
  • material
  • manufacturing
  • quality testing

Quick Turn Prototypes

Quick Turn Prototypes:TOGOHK – Silicone Products
Factory :4000㎡
Engineer :5
Staff :50-80
Capacity:Monthly capacity 1 millions
Space Area:600mm*600mm
Packaging :Customized
Transportation :More than 10 years cooperated transportation, safety, and stabilization.

TOGOHK Quickly Produce Prototypes

With experience in hundreds of silicone products and tool manufacturing, TOGOHK can quickly produce prototypes to speed up your development project.
Select different materials and solutions for different silicone components.
Our technical team can save you significant time and tool costs and help speed up design and development timelines.


silicone product tool

Design any shape silicone assembly
Send us your 3D CAD solid model file
We will produce your components at a fast speed
Parts with dimensional accuracy up to +/- 0.05mm (0.002 inches) can be manufactured according to your needs, smooth
surface, matting effect, high tension, high penetration


Our Silicone Products

TOGOHK has decades of medical, food, industrial, and consumer silicone product manufacturing design experiences.

TOGOHK’s services for each customer:
Reduce tool costs
Fast delivery manufacturing
Facilitate the speed of new product development
Reduce waste
Reduce material testing costs
TOGOHK offers rapid turn prototyping, including tool design, tool manufacturing, prototyping, cleaning, packaging and
TOGOHK offers customers a distinct advantage because of the opening of the product

Cycle, time is money, any company is to continue to bring products to market is the key to long-term business strategy
TOGOHK when your new product is ready for full production

Silica gel manufacturing experience will be transferred to the technical department for pre-production operation,
verification and continuous production operation to ensure safety.

rubber gasket seal

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