Silicone Molding Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

TOGOHK, as a silicone molding manufacturers in china, has decades of design experience in the medical, food, industrial, and consumer silicone parts industries.

  • All  Silicone rubber molding products materials are purchased from certified suppliers.
  • Support MSDS documents & materials RoHS, FDA  certificates
  • Capability for silicone rubber  molding products is up to 800x800mm
  • Drawing Format: .stp / .step / .igs /.stl /.dwg / .pdf
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Quick Turn Silicone Molding Products

We are capable of producing rapid silicone parts and short-run silicone molding manufacturers in china. 

We are also capable of high-volume production through our liquid injection molding process and compression-molded silicone parts. 

We focus on kitchen, medical, aerospace, and industrial applications.

All of our silicone rubber parts manufacturing is done in Shenzhen(CHINA).

As silicone molding manufacturers in china, we work with different silicone rubber materials such as FDA, medical grade, RoHs, etc.

Liquid silicone rubber parts (LSR) and high consistency rubber parts (HCR), our expertise in compression silicone molding and liquid silicone injection molding (LIM) comes with years of dedication to the silicone molding products industry.

We maintain an inventory of LSR and HCR silicone materials with a range of 5A to 85A durometer.

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Silicone Molding Products Suppliers

TOGOHK, as the silicone molding manufacturer in china, which was specialized in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding and compression molding of silicone rubber products, will bring customers highly detailed and precise molds that manufacture the value of commercial and industrial silicone rubber products.
Silicone product applications are for cars, electric connectors, aviation, medical devices, seals, kitchen cookware, outdoor sports, kid toys, PET toys, miscellaneous products, etc.

silicone gasket
Silicone rubber gaskets Suppliers

TOGOHK is a silicone molding manufacturer, we manufacture silicone rubber gaskets for a wide variety of custom sealing systems.

NBR Gasket
NBR Gasket Suppliers

The use of NBR gaskets is rubber as a sealing material.TOGOHK is the rubber gasket specialist for your needs and we can provide you with the perfect solution.

silicone parts
Silicone Parts Suppliers

Silicone rubber is used to make many types of silicone parts: Silicone seals and silicone gaskets, silicone keys, custom silicone parts, etc.

Silicone o ring

Silicone O-rings are used in many industries. Aerospace, defense, automotive, mechanical equipment, coffee machines, water fountains. 

epdm gasket
EPDM Gasket Suppliers

EPDM gaskets are compatible with hydrocarbon oils and petrochemical materials and maintain stable material properties in contact with chemical materials.

Rubber Cap
Rubber Cap Suppliers

TOGOHK can make rubber caps in various sizes. Rubber caps are plugs designed to block pipes to stop the flow of sewage and give workers a chance to make repairs to the pipes.

rubber Parts
Rubber Parts Suppliers

The advantage of rubber is its resistance to many chemicals used in industrial machinery.Rubber parts for industrial parts include gaskets, custom rubber parts, stoppers, and seals.


Rubber Sleeve
Rubber Sleeve Suppliers

We can customize the rubber sleeve of your own products according to the shape, size, and material you require to adapt to different applications, and TOGOHK can customize your needs.


Molding silicone spoon

TOGOHK custom silicone spoon is made of food-grade silicone material, easy to clean, heat resistant, and temperature ranges -40 / -220 degrees Celsius, meets the daily hot and cold food cooking.

silicone chocolate mold

Chocolate molds from TOGOHK are BPA-free, non-stick, easy to release and clean, -20/220°C resistant, and can be used in the oven and dishwasher. Widely used: Makes chocolate snacks, hard candies, fondant, and other exciting desserts.

molding silicone brush

China silicone molding manufacturers, produce silicone brush: Food-grade silicone material, no bisphenol, and 100% safe to use. It has a wide range of applications such as grilling, grilling, daily cooking, baking, and so on. For you and your family to have a good time

silicone iec mold


TOGOHK can customize any silicone ice mold you like, you can use them to make delicious cocktails, popsicles, and iced coffee, our mold can make slow-melting ice cubes, so that you can produce the best-iced drinks.

silicone cake mold

Silicone cake molds are made of 100% food-grade silicone material, BPA free, durable, reusable, safe, and can be enjoyed baking with friends or family.

Molding Silicone collapsible bowl

TOGOHK helps you to make a safe food-grade folding bowl, 100% food-grade silicone material, safe to use.Wide applications: backpacking, travel, camping.

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TOGOHK has decades of design experience in the medical, food, industrial,  consumer, and silicone parts industries. as silicone molding manufacturers, our unique engineer’s team will work with you to create the best, most cost-effective version of your product. we take manufacturability- design- production- fulfillment, our team is involved to help optimize your product design to production.

  • Silicone parts design
    Silicone Parts Design

    TOGOHK, a professional silicone molding manufacturer in china, provides custom silicone products and molds. including sample design, and customized product services.

  • Mold department
    Mould Manufacturing

    Our independent silicone parts mold manufacturing department to make sure the quality of the mold, as well as the quality of silicone parts.

  • silicone part manufacture
    Silicone Parts Molding

    We have 14 units of molding machines, with a monthly production capacity of 1 million + products to ensure a stable production capacity.




Mixing Silicone Rubber

  • Preparing the specified silicone rubber products’ raw materials for their applications.
  • Matching the required color and hardness, then the transparent original color of silicone raw materials will become the required color and hardness after the mixing process.
  • After mixing, the raw material is pressed into strips and cut to the required shape to weight for production.
  • Entering the molding manufacturing department for the next production process.
Mixing silicone rubber

Molding Silicone Rubber

Over twenty well-skilled silicone molding technicians in the production line, have very plenty of experience in molding temperature, molding time, and material placement to mold, As silicone molding manufacturers in china -TOGOHK offers quick turn Molding Silicone Rubber Products. We are able to quickly design, manufacture, inspect, and ship your parts in a matter of days.


We have an independent packaging department, before shipment, all goods will be carefully inspected in the packaging in order to avoid damage in transportation.



Custom Designed Silicone Products
Industrial Silicone Rubber Products

Our engineer team has over ten years of designing experience in the molding silicone rubber industry, as well as the different silicone product applications, for example, industrial silicone rubber products, kitchen, children, pets, outdoor, beauty, furniture, and daily necessities, etc.

TOGOHK, as a silicone molding manufacturers, is always ready to achieve your ideas. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.



We have 6 large high-precision CNC machining equipment in our molding department, the max. mold manufacturing size is 800mm x 800mm.
TOGOHK engineers have rich experiences in silicone mold design, as silicone molding manufacturers, we have provided over 1000+ cases of customized silicone molds.
The engineering team has plenty of experience with silicone rubber material.


Custom Silicone Swim Cap

TOGOHK is a great team, they served me for the custom silicone swim cap project, the swim cap fits snug and has some elasticity to pull and wear to your liking. If you have a lot of hair that is full and thick; you will need a swim cap for long-hair individuals.
so this is perfect for us, we like them, a good partner as the swim cap manufacturers china.

Custom Silicone Baby Toys

These are perfect for kids, for the silicone baby toys, Very well made, great colors, and I like that you can use them for toys, water bowls, etc.
We are pleased to work with them as silicone baby toy manufacturers in china, which have been cooperating for many years.

Custom Silicone Kitchenware

Beautiful and functional, the handles are finished and the silicone is thicker and more sturdy. I love them. I ran mine in the dishwasher with no issue. color is as customized as I’d like.
A good silicone kitchenware manufacturer in China, find them to design your brand.

molding silicone manufacturers
Silicone Molding Manufacturers

TOGOHK is a professional silicone molding manufacturers in china, we have over 100 employee workers with, daily output of 100 million + products, waiting for your inquiry to quote at any time.

Different Molding Silicone Products To Obtain Different Material Solutions

Do you only make silicone products?

Yes, we produced silicone products, from 2003 till now, our team produced silicone molding products and silicone extrusion products, we are professional Silicone Molding Manufacturers.

What's kinds of information you need for a quote?

 1. 3D drawings (STEP, CAD, SOLID Works, PROE, DXF, and PDF)
 2. Material requirement (include contact material and insulation material.)
 3. Surface treatment 
 4. Quantity  or Consumption (per order/ per month/ annual)
 5. Any special demands or requirements, such as packing, labels, delivery, etc.

Why should you buy from us?

1: The company specializes in the production of rubber, silicone, and fluorine rubber products.

2: vulcanizing machine workshop 12, two shifts per day for 16 hours

  Time production. Ensure the mass supply of customers.

   Complete product specifications have passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

What's certifications will approved for the silicone products?

UL, IP65

When Can I Get The Price for custom?

Usually within 6 hours after receiving your inquiry. and directly call us for details if urgent inquiry.

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