Silicone Rubber Strips Manufacturer in China
Silicone Rubber Strips Manufacturer in China
  • black silicone rubber strips
  • clear silicone rubber strips
  • high temp silicone rubber strips
  • rubber strips
  • silicone rubber strips
  • black silicone rubber strips
  • clear silicone rubber strips
  • high temp silicone rubber strips
  • rubber strips
  • silicone rubber strips

Silicone Rubber Strips

Material:Silicone Rubber
Color:Pantone U , Pantone C
Certification:RoHs,REACH, FDA, LFGB
Temperature resistance:-100F/+450F
Adapt to the environment:Anti-ultraviolet, Anti-ozone, Adapt to Harsh Environments, Compatible With Chemical Substances

Silicone Rubber Strips Manufactured by TOGOHK provide excellent performance and maintain good material properties at high and low temperatures.

Silicone strips have become the product of choice for various sealing and gap-filling applications.

Silicone strips are widely used and can be used in almost any sealing industry. Any color can be customized as long as you give us the Pantone code, and we can achieve it.

We can provide widths from 2mm to 100mm, and thicknesses from 0.5mm to 20mm, and any length can be cut.

This ensures that you always get the matching silicone strip for the application.

Qualified Quality

  • We are cooperating with brand material suppliers in order to ensure the silicone strips’ quality.
  • Good durability
  • Widely operating temperature range
  • FDA Approved – Food Contact Safe
  • Good resistance to UV and ozone etc
  • Good sealing performance
silicone rubber strips with adhesive
white silicone rubber strips


We will able to offer stable functionality at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 230°C to ensure the strips are suitable for almost any environment.
Silicone Strips could even withstand intermittent uses at temperatures up to 230°C.
It allows you to use of silicone rubber strips without worrying about becoming brittle or melting.

Strong Adaptability

In addition, to provide a good resistance temperature range, our silicone strips are also extremely durable.
They are soft and stretchy very well to provide superior sealing performance in tight spaces to ensure good and complete sealing in every corner.
Silicone strips will return to their original shapes after being used with their good shape memory through high-temperature molding.

high temperature silicone rubber strips

Since 2003, TOGOHK has been in the silicone industry and has never left.
With 20 years of experience in silicone product manufacturing, we are very thorough in the performance of silicone material research!
High-quality custom silicone for many industries.
Learn more!
It’s stronger and thinner.
More than 15 years of experience.
Customize the recipe.

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