Silicone sealing rings

1. Details of Silicone sealing rings:

  • O-ring is used in fluid static applications (such as water, oil, air, chemicals solvent, chemicals, etc)
  • The temperature range is from -60°C up to 220°C.
  • The pressure in the static application should be less than 20MPa, which varies with different materials.
  •  Sometimes O-ring is used in a dynamic application with a pressure less than 5MPa and also used in semi-conductor vacuum seals.

2. Applied industry of Silicone sealing rings:

Such as the chemical industry, petroleum industry, medical technique, food industry,sewage-disposal industry, steel industry,semi-conduct industry, and so on.

3. Main advantage of Silicone sealing rings:

First, excellent anti-chemical character. It almost applies to all mediums.

Second, the temperature range is very wide. (Around -30°C to 200°C)

Third, anti- the compressibility function is very good.

Four, long service life.

rubber o ring bunnings

4. Material of Silicone sealing rings:

NBR, FFKM, VMQ, PTFE, PU, and so on (according to your requirements )

5. Operation conditions of Silicone/Rubber O-ring Gaskets Supplier:


Temperature: FEP:-30°C ~ 200°C

PFA:-30°C ~ 250°C

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