Silicone Tubing Manufacturer and Supplier
Silicone Tubing Manufacturer and Supplier
TOGOHK silicone tubing manufacturer and supplier for medical and food use. ISO 9001:2015 certified and custom silicone tubing manufacturer.

Types of Silicone Tubing - TOGOHK

  • 【CONVENTIONAL GRADES】: 30, 40, and 50 Shore hardness can be used in many applications, food processing plants, and the pharmaceutical and medical industries.
  • 【HIGH STRENGTH GRADES】: 50, 60, and 70 Shore hardness, these types of silicone tubing are commonly used in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and biochemical companies. Compatible contaminants are not prone to chemical reactions and are suitable for use in peristaltic pumps.
  • 【PLATINUM CURED】: It is FDA-compliant and is mainly used in the food, pharmaceutical, medical and other industries.
  • 【COLOR TUBING】: Offers a full range of custom color combinations based on Pantone Chromatographs.

Why choose Silicone Tubing?

  • SAFE】 Silicone material, will not promote the growth and development of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • DURABLE】The silicone tube is smooth, soft, and tough, which makes it more flexible and durable compared to other hoses. Will not crack or rot easily.
  • 【CLARITY】Ultra-high transparency can effectively monitor the liquid flow and internal conditions of the tube.
  • 【COMPATIBLE】Silicone material is more compatible with chemical materials, it will not become brittle or hard even with continuous use of cleaning chemicals.
  • 【STRENGTH】Good elongation at break and tensile strength, making it able to withstand the daily rigors of milking parlors, breweries, peristaltic pumps, aquariums, etc.
  • 【FOOD GRADE MATERIALS】Food-grade materials are available under FDA guidance. It is very safe for home use or food equipment
    Does not interact with carried chemicals and is suitable for air, water, food, nutrition, and beverage applications.
  • 【HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE】Silicone provides excellent temperature resistance against temperatures up to -60°F/+430°F.
    At low temperatures, its adaptability is also outstanding.
Why choose Silicone Tubing
Silicone Tubing Extrusion Process

Silicone Tubing Extrusion Process

  1. Silicone extrusion method is the most widely used method for making silicone tubes.
  2. Silicone extrusion is the process of extruding silicone material into a usable product using a mold.
  3. Silicone extrusion process begins when silicone raw material is slit into standard widths.
  4. When the silicone block is put into the conveying channel, the silicone material is squeezed into the conveying channel by the screw.
  5. As the screw turns, silicone material is heated and pressurized, causing it to flow forward to be extruded through the silicone tube mold.
  6. When the extruded silicone tube is transported to the high-temperature baking pipeline through the conveying channel, and formed by high-temperature baking for 5-10 minutes, it is cured at a high temperature to form the shapes of the customized silicone tubes.

Custom Silicone Tubing

We offer a variety of silicone tubing, translucent or colored, platinum-cured silicone tubing.
TOGOHK custom silicone tubing which is suitable for: medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, aquarium air installations, automotive cooling systems, the milk industry, food, and beverage industries.
Our silicone tube products provide excellent performance and competitive prices, giving you enough advantages to explore the local market.

Food Grade Silicone Tubing
TOGOHK food is a grade silicone rubber tubing manufacturer and supplier, of silicone tubing and silicone hose in all sizes, shapes, and colors.
Medical Silicone Tubing
TOGOHK offers medical silicone extrusion solutions, from design to manufacturing, providing a one-stop solution for your medical device needs.
Peristaltic Pump Tubing
TOGOHK Silicone Peristaltic Pump Tubing Manufacturer has been producing peristaltic pump tubing. We can adjust different hardness peristaltic pump tubing, compatible with any pump on the market.
Silicone Braided Hose
TOGOHK braided silicone hose has passed food grade certification. Our silicone hose is of the best quality and strength.
Two Color Silicone Tubing
TOGOHK two-color striped silicone hose comes in two colors.Double - color cross molding, creative double - color silicone tubing manufacture.
Led Silicone Tubing
China LED silicone tubing manufacturer, factory price, OEM service. Get a quote.Focus on all kinds of LED silicone tubing manufacturing for 20 years, global service.
Silicone Foam Tubing
TOGOHK silicone foam tubing manufacturer.We manufacture high quality silicone sponge tubing.
Silicone Rubber Strips
Manufacturer of silicone rubber strips. We produce high quality silicone rubber strips that can be customized in a variety of different shapes.
Industrial Rubber Hose
TOGOHK Industrial hose has passed RoHs certification. Our rubber hoses are of the best quality and strength.
silicone tubing
For silicone tubing, silicone materials offer many advantages that other materials can't be obtained or achieved.

Silicone Rubber Material Certification - TOGOHK Silicone Tubing Manufacturers

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Silicone Tubing Manufacturer

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TOGOHK, as a custom silicone tube manufacturer, we have complete solutions to solve your problems, your goals and requirements would be perfectly realized.

High-quality quality
High-quality quality
Your silicone tube products are manufactured in fully automated production equipment, using high-quality silicone materials and high-precision molds.
Lead Time
Lead Time
We will quickly turn your concept into reality and deliver it anywhere in the world.
Friendly Customer Service
Friendly Customer Service
We have experienced staff who will provide good service and assistance at every step of the process
Color Options
Color Options
We offer the widest range of Pantone colors to match custom any color.
Made in China
Made in China
We are a custom silicone manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
Competitive Price
Competitive Price
We offer very competitive prices to you to develop the market

TOGOHK’s staff will ensure that we supply high-quality silicone tubes and delivery timely of your customized silicone tubes.

high-quality silicone tubes

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