Designing a silicone component can be a challenge when trying to balance design for manufacturability and the optimum design for end users. TOGOHK offers 3D modeling services to help you design a part that is manufacturable while meeting the needs of the part’s intended use.

design for manufacturability services


TOGOHK uses PRO-E for design and manufacturing processes. 3D models ensure that your parts are accurately represented during the tool design phase by accounting for all features and dimensions. PRO-E is expensive to maintain and difficult to use, but this should not be a barrier to getting your idea off the ground.

We have the ability to turn your print or idea into a solid model for you. Whether you have a dimensioned print, a rough sketch, or just an idea we can talk with you and design a solid model that will meet your requirements. The newly created model is owned by you, the customer, and can be used for marketing, manufacturing, or testing purposes.

Utilizing our design services is very cost-effective, especially in the production of high-volume projects. Request our 3d modeling services to get started

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