The right is TOGOHK with the process of basic product development. The statement was told the target market by products. It can provide the basic functions of the product description and the tasks assigned to the business goals (“in-depth customer needs”).

First of all, to create a wide range of alternative product concepts, and then improve the specificity of the product which is narrow the alternative range of products, until the products can be produced reliably, repeated again and again by production. Even though some of the development processes of the tangible products, included the processes of production and marketing, but, it would be noted that most of the development phase was defined by product state.

Secondly, the product was an operational system. The process begins with a variety of inputs, such as the company’s goals, available technical capabilities, product platforms, and production systems. A variety of behavioral information is input by processing, it will come to be the formation of product features, concepts, and design details. When all of the production and purchase in which is the necessary information had been passed, then, the process is in the end.

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