High Consistency Silicone Rubber (HCR)Silicone Molded Prototypes

TOGOHK works with a wide range of silicone materials to produce silicone molded prototypes. Often a customer is uncertain of which material they need for their application. The TOGOHK  Engineering staff can help guide customers down a path to success by utilizing years of experience and extensive knowledge. Additionally, customers can purchase prototypes made of several different materials, then test the various products in their application to determine which material type best suits the demands of the product. Our prototypes are molded using custom (dedicated) metal tooling that is guaranteed for hundreds of parts and most tooling can run nearly any type of silicone and other materials without modification.


Materials we use include:

High Consistency Rubber (HCR)

Epoxies, Plastics, and More!


Visit our Material Selection Guide to learn more about the prototype materials we use.


Why Choose HCR?


When choosing materials to manufacture critical parts and components, consider High Consistency Rubber (HCR); this is the primary material we process here at TOGOHK, and it is therefore where our expertise lies. Its characteristics and chemical properties make it an ideal material for many applications in a wide range of industries.


Properties of HCR:

Odorless, tasteless

Hypoallergenic, inorganic backbone

Hygienic, resistant to bacteria and mold growth

High biocompatibility

High thermal stability

Ozone/UV Safe

Extreme temperature range performance

Unique colors and visual effect possibilities

Electrically conductive grades

UL component recognition

EXAMPLE: Liquid Silicone Rubber Ear Bud

Liquid Rubber Silicone


Current Applications Include:


Catheter tubing


Gaskets, seals o-rings

Hand instruments

Lighted Buttons

Needle-free valve sights

Pull rings

Skin contact devices

Soft-touch buttons/surfaces

Steam-sterilized parts

Syringe tips

Valve components

And much more!


For specific information regarding material and application alternatives, we recommend visiting our technical information page or contacting us directly.

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