silicone bowl manufacturer and suppliers
Silicone Bowl Manufacturer and Suppliers
  • Custom Collapsible Silicone Bowl
  • Custom Microwave silicone bowl
  • Custom Silicone Baby Bowl with Lid
  • Custom Silicone bowl for baking
  • Custom silicone bowl set
  • Custom Collapsible Silicone Bowl
  • Custom Microwave silicone bowl
  • Custom Silicone Baby Bowl with Lid
  • Custom Silicone bowl for baking
  • Custom silicone bowl set

Silicone Bowl Parameter

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MaterialFood-grade silicone
Surface TreatmentMatte, Glossy, Custom Texture
SizeCan be manufactured with external dimensions <500mm
ProcessingHigh-temperature compression molding
Temperature Resistance-20/+220°C
CertificationsRoSH, FDA, LFGB, PBA, Pb Cd
ColorCustomizable with any Pantone color
Hardness20-70 degrees
Sample Lead Time7-10 days
Shape and StructureRound, Square, Cartoon-themed, Foldable, Suction Cup
Processing Equipment100T, 200T, 300T, 500T molding machines; Maximum processing size: 500X700
Processing AdvantagesIndependent mold processing department for fast mold delivery; Select brand silicone rubber materials to ensure product quality; Sign NDA confidentiality agreements; Secure sampling
ApplicationsChildren’s tableware, Kitchen seasoning bowls, Pet accessories, Outdoor activities
Silicone Bowl Manufacturer

TOGOHK – Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Silicone Bowls

We are a leading company specializing in the production of premium-grade silicone bowls made from food-grade silicone material. With a focus on delivering exceptional quality, versatility, and safety, our silicone bowls are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including children’s tableware, kitchen seasoning bowls, pet accessories, and outdoor activities.

Custom silicone bowl set -TOGOHKCustom Silicone Baby Bowl with Lid-2-TOGOHK

Premium Food-Grade Silicone Material:

At TOGOHK, we prioritize safety and quality. That’s why our silicone bowls are crafted from food-grade silicone material. This ensures that the bowls are free from harmful substances, making them safe for both children and adults. Our commitment to using premium materials guarantees that our products meet international standards, including RoSH, FDA, LFGB, PBA, and Pb Cd certifications.

Customizable Surface Treatments and Designs:

We understand that each customer has unique preferences. That’s why we offer a variety of surface treatments for our silicone bowls. Whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish, or even a custom texture, we can accommodate your requirements. Our dedicated team ensures impeccable craftsmanship, resulting in visually appealing silicone bowls that enhance your dining experience.

Custom Silicone bowl for baking-2-TOGOHK Custom Silicone bowl for baking-3-TOGOHK

Versatile Sizes and Shapes:

TOGOHK offers silicone bowls in various sizes, with the capability to manufacture bowls with external dimensions below 500mm. Whether you need circular, square, cartoon-themed, collapsible, or suction cup designs, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our state-of-the-art processing equipment, including 100T, 200T, 300T, and 500T molding machines, allows us to create bowls with a maximum processing size of 500X700.

Superior Processing and Efficiency:

With TOGOHK, you can expect efficient and timely production. Our dedicated mold processing department ensures fast mold delivery, thanks to our independent mold manufacturing capabilities. We prioritize product quality by selecting renowned silicone rubber materials. Additionally, we uphold strict confidentiality by signing NDA agreements, ensuring the security of your designs and ideas. Our streamlined processes enable us to provide prompt sampling, with sample lead times ranging from 7 to 10 days.

Vibrant Colors and Optimal Hardness:

We understand the importance of aesthetics and functionality. TOGOHK offers a wide range of customizable Pantone colors, allowing you to match your silicone bowls to your brand or personal preferences. Moreover, our bowls exhibit a hardness range of 20-70 degrees, striking the perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness.

Silicone Pet Bowl Manufacturer and Supplier Silicone Pet Bowl

Wide Range of Applications:

TOGOHK silicone bowls are designed to cater to diverse needs. Whether you require bowls for your little ones, convenient kitchen accessories, pet bowls, or outdoor adventure gear, our versatile silicone bowls are up to the task. They are built to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to +220°C, ensuring durability and suitability for various environments.

Custom Microwave silicone bowl-1-TOGOHK Custom Microwave silicone bowl-2-TOGOHK

When it comes to silicone bowls, TOGOHK stands out as a reliable and innovative company. With a focus on using premium food-grade silicone material, offering customizable designs and surface treatments, and prioritizing efficient production and confidentiality, we deliver silicone bowls of exceptional quality. Trust TOGOHK for all your silicone bowl needs and experience the perfect blend of safety, versatility, and style.

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